Earlier this week, our Co-Founder and COO Ashley was invited to join Piper Harris of Poiema Coaching on a weekly Lunch and Learn called Caring Through Covid. These Lunch and Learns were designed by Piper to offer valuable resources (for free!) during the time of Coronavirus, and she’s had many incredible guests so far.

Poiema Coaching is a Women’s Leadership Success Coaching firm started by Piper after she left the corporate world nine years ago to follow her passion and start her own coaching practice. Now, she’s dedicated to empowering women and organizations into heightened leadership with  practical tools, personal development, and encouragement.

Piper and Ashley discussed how to use SEO and other digital marketing tactics to grow your small business. Here are a couple of highlights:

  • What are the biggest mistakes small businesses make when stepping into the world of digital marketing
  • What is SEO, how does it work, and why is it important?
  • How has optimizing digital marketing helped me balance personal and professional life
  • The impact social media can have on growing a business
  • Social media marketing don’ts

If you missed it, the entire Zoom call is now available online on Youtube! Click the link below to watch the full interview:

Want the Optimize and Grow Workbook that Piper and Ashley mention at the end of the video? Download your own copy here!

More about Poiema Women’s Success Coaching: Piper coaches mid-level women leaders and women-led organizations in strategically designing their success which best supports individual and organizational growth through one on one coaching using my expertly crafted 6P process, while also accelerating organizational and executive growth with the use of the 15 core competencies of Global Leadership. Learn more about her offerings and sign up for future Lunch & Learns here

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