I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Neil Howe on the “Expert Profiles Atlanta” segment of the Business Innovators Radio Network. The interview is 37 minutes long and Neil and I discuss some of the struggles and pitfalls that many small businesses experience while trying to successfully market their business online.

Handling your own digital marketing, SEO, and paid advertising is oftentimes something that many small businesses decide to outsource. I had some time to talk about the frustration, waste of time and money, and the lack of results that many businesses experience when they try to partner with companies who say that they can and will handle this for them. If you take the time to listen to the interview, you will gain some valuable insights about marketing your business online and you might be able to discern why most people find our company to be just a little bit different. I hope you find some value here today!

The entire interview is embedded below…just click the big play button to listen!

Listen to “James Ball – Atlanta SEO Pro on Creating Quality Optimized Content For Human Traffic Not Search Engines” on Spreaker.
The podcast has also been picked up on all of the other online channels below if you’d prefer to find it there.

Atlanta SEO Pro - Podcast

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