Today is YOUR day Community Managers! Celebrate, dance…call in sick and treat yourself to a spa day! Whatever you do with yourself today, know that you are an appreciated and vital component of how business gets done in 2012. Your role is more inportant each year as you bravely carve out and define your place in the professional ecosystem.

Started in 2010 by Jerimiah Owyang, Community Manager Appreciation Day is a day where the world is called upon to acknowledge who you are and what you do. I personally want to applaud your bravery and your passion. Now, more than ever the world is aware of what it is that you bring to the table. Every year, because each of you push the boundaries and strive for clarity in your role…we all get to understand social media and your role in this space better than we did the year before.

The Infographic below from Social Fresh is very succint and quite telling. Social Fresh has also published The 2012 Community Manager Report white paper. Do have a look at that! Enjoy the Infographic and enjoy the day!

Click on the image to view larger version

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