I got an email alert from Small Business Trends this morning and it was very timely for me. Now, more than ever, Instagram has become a tremendously valuable tool for small businesses. I manage Instagram for most of my clients and I utilize Instagram for myself. You can visit my Instagram and see for yourself how I have set it up…my profile speaks about my business and I link here to my blog in my profile. All the while though, I’m only posting pics related to living in the North Georgia Mountains. It is sort of a disconnect, but my use of Instagram has always been personal and has always been about connecting with others who love North Georgia and mountain living. Nonetheless, Instagram drives traffic and attention to my website and people are very aware of what it is that I offer to the world.

Social media drives over half of my traffic here. And of those social channels, Instagram alone is responsible for HALF of my social media traffic:

Instagram Analytics

My clients enjoy similar results. Several of my small business clients have recognized a very real and tangible increase in revenue from our utilization of Instagram as a marketing channel. So how does this apply to you, how can you get involved and reap the rewards that Instagram as a marketing channel has to offer for your own business? The simple answer is to be there. Have an Instagram account for your business, and use it wisely.

Today I have included the Infographic below for you to have a look at. It is very succinct but it provides a fairly easy to follow summary and explores most of the best practices for small businesses hoping to grow their business using Instagram. I hope that it helps to boost your confidence and it helps you to get started using Instagram for your own business. If you need more information or you want to explore the ways that I might be able to assist you with your marketing efforts, you can always contact me.


2018 Instagram for Small Business Infographic


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