Google is less than 20 years old and Yahoo was started in 1994. There are people here who have never known a time without the Internet. Others among us have struggled to learn how to navigate the www as it was born and evolved into what it is today. Wherever you fit into that history, it’s a really good idea to look back and remember how we got here and how fast things have and will change going forward.

The crew at Ignite Visibility has put together an incredible SEO video and we wanted to share it here today. Know upfront that this is not a “how to” video or a do-it-yourself tutorial. This 40 minute video explores the history of SEO and how the discipline and practice of SEO grew to become one of the most important pillars of digital marketing.

“The documentary features industry all-stars and explores the rise of the Internet marketing industry. It covers the early days of SEO when people were “spamming and jamming,” affiliates vs. mainstream, black hat vs. white hat, along with the unique and often rocky stories of the industry’s pioneers, the history of Google updates, how Matt Cutts changed the industry, and provides a forecast on where the future of SEO is going from the industry’s top minds.” – Press release

Enjoy the video!

Social Media – The Movie

This video from the same producers is actually newer than the SEO Movie. If social media is your thing, then this video will share some interesting history and insight to enlighten you.


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