I wanted to share this infographic with you today that I found on the CJG Digital Marketing blog. I still say, that even after all of this time, and with all that has advanced in technology and the smartest search engine algorithms ever…that you MUST create content if your SEO and your ranking on Search Engine Results Pagers (SERPs) is important to you and the health of your business online. A few more thoughts below the infographic. Learn and enjoy!

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Learn About SEO and Content Marketing

Content Marketing is something that is ALWAYS discussed with my clients. This has been the case for almost a decade now. I am oft quoted as saying that “it’s not entirely about setting yourself apart from your competitors or establishing yourself as an industry thought leader. The fact of the matter is that where Google is concerned, you don’t have a choice…create content or die.” Now it’s not that I BELIEVE that you SHOULD’NT be creating content that is timely and relevant to your website’s visitors, you absolutely should. Your website visitors WILL see your efforts and relevant content and they WILL consider you an authority. Because most businesses still aren’t blogging or creating new content on a regular basis, you W

You should also still be adding and tweaking every piece of content, meta tags, keywords, and everything else that you are capable of to optimize your website and ALL of your content and images, etc. to cater to the search engines. But here’s the thing: without an understanding of content marketing and the utilization of this discipline, your onsite SEO efforts will largely be ignored by the search engines.

Take some time and make an effort to do your own homework. Cancel that “Twitter 101” seminar you were planning to attend (for the 9th time!) and just search for great resources on the web about SEO Best Practices and Content Marketing Strategy…and then do the work. it’s really that simple.

The most common feedback that I get from those that either can’t or won’t wrap their heads around this are:

  • “I don’t have the time to learn or to do this stuff” – While the learning curve is substantial for some, and there is an investment of time to consider – “…where Google is concerned, you don’t have a choice…create content or die.” You MUST learn and you MUST do. Creating one piece of great content to publish that is between 300-1000 words once a month shouldn’t take you more than an hour or so…a month.
  • “I don’t know what to write about.” – I am aware that you are probably great at what you do for a living and that being a “writer” is not on your to-do list in life. I am also aware that there is no one better than you to write about your company, your services, how you are better and different from your competitors, and the pain points and needs of your target audience…it’s all you think about, it’s all you talk about nearly every day! Go ahead, start a draft with those things in mind and see what you can produce in an hour.
  • “I’m not a great writer.” – I’m not either, I write like I speak. And you know what, people love it. It’s honest and transparent. It’s authentic. It’s not at all how every one else is doing it. You see what I’m doing there? Look, if you are a seriously challenged writer and your grammar sucks or something like that, do it anyway. Pass your draft along to someone else in the company, a family member, your spouse…whoever. Let them go over it and edit it. somewhere in your midst there is a kind and caring person who will help you out. this is important, do whatever it takes.
  • “Can’t I just hire someone else to do this or sub this out?” – Absolutely, and consider me while you’re at it! I charge between $429 and $4000 a month to manage the entire web presence of my clients. But I’m trying to save you some money here and get you up to speed on your own. Also consider this: I am not you and I will NEVER know your company, your industry, your personality, and your customers/clients the way that you do. I’m happy to do business with you but “second best” is all I could ever be compared to yourself.

That’s all I have for today. I hope I’ve inspired you to at least set aside some time to get out there and do some homework and consider the potential payoffs of learning and doing these things…and the consequences of NOT doing so. Enjoy the rest of your day. You can always feel free to reach out to me if I can help in any way!


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