I’m winding down a week of looking at some questions that I hear quite a bit:

  • “Can I get by without social media?”
  • “Is it really as easy as I’ve been led to believe?”
  • “Can it save my business?”
  • “Is it too late for my business to get involved?”
  • “Can’t someone else just do this for me?”
  •  “Is it too late for my business to get involved?”

    No. That’s it; it’s absolutely NOT too late for you and your business to get involved. Yesterday might have been better, but only because you missed some really good information in my tweets.  If you are seriously considering getting involved with social media, there’s no time like the present. In fact, getting involved now will probably be easier for you than say, a year ago. It’s more widely accepted and understood, guidance and information are more readily available, case studies are plentiful, and quite simply, all who are involved are a lot less lost with each passing day. Searching Google didn’t always provide such incredible resources for social media.

    Where to start? If I had it all to do over again, I’d be sure to first claim my identity in as many places as I could. It’s disappointing to find some site that you really want to establish a presence on, only to find that someone is already there using a name you really, really need.   See: “Secure A Powerful Online Presence By Claiming Your Online Identity” to get started with that right away!

    I would’ve also liked it if I had great articles like: “Getting Started with Social Media – A Guide and Resource List” to make me feel a bit more educated on the subject. Be sure to check out the “Resources to Further Explore” at the end.  I often wished for better presentations and documents to help me boost my confidence… like this one from Brian Solis (You might want to hit “Fullscreen”, up top):

    The Essential Guide to Social Media

    I hope this has answered a question for you today. You’ve read this far down, so go ahead and consider yourself “started”. Now that this is off your back, go on out there and get busy! If you have something to add to this topic, I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a comment, they’re always welcome here!

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