As I was putting together a presentation, I came across these three images quite by accident. I could only assume that is was a sign, and that they belonged together somehow:

A Funnel

A Funnel Cloud

A “Sales Funnel”

Social media marketing is just that, marketing. Social media channels are “touch-points” whereby you can effectively convert conversations into leads. Does your use of social media align with the goals and objectives you’ve set forth for your business? Take some time today to consider your strategy and tactics.

“As much as companies and those who market their products and services would wish that the use of social media would lead directly to return on investment, R.O.I., social media is a tool to use to populate the top of the sales funnel.  Where there were few, there can be many.  Conversion of the many into sales and R.O.I. isn’t about the tool.  It’s about the company.” – Anne Giles Clelland of Handshake 2.0

I really like the sales funnel graphic and the quote here. It seemed a clear reminder of what all of this is really about. If you feel like you’re speeding along for all you’re worth and getting nowhere fast, I hope that it can serve as a reminder for you today as well.

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