Between August and October of this year, Ketchum & FedEx interviewed the Chief Communications Officers and their Social Media Leads from 62 leading companies across major industries in the United States and Europe. The findings and results of this study have been published to a website created specifically for this purpose.

I must say that I am well pleased with the decision by the conductors of this study to build an entire website to support and to share this study with the world.  I encourage you to visit the site, where you can gain more insight and even download the full study. Kudos to FedEx and Ketchum! Enjoy the video: 

“We’ve gained tremendous knowledge about which companies aspire to a leadership role in the social media space, as well as the structural changes being made within organizations to respond to the unique challenges and requirements of being active in social media…The discussions with participants provided interesting perspectives on whether leadership should be the gold standard for all companies in the space or if, in some cases, being a participant is more appropriate.” – Bill Margaritis, Senior Vice President, Global Communications and Investor Relations, FedEx Corporation – November 19th Press Release

So what do you think about it? Are you and your company desirous of a leadership role in social media? Perhaps you are comfortable with a more participatory mode? Please take just a minute and discuss your thoughts on this study in the comment section today.

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