Not so much a post about social media today, but then again, it may be exactly that. I just want to take a few minutes to thank someone with this space. There are so many who have helped me in one way or another.  I am indebted to many, of this I am sure, and I am grateful.

I want to thank you for your support. I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be exactly where I am in all of this today without it. You’ve been supportive of my efforts for quite some time. There have been days when I could only get an echo from places like Twitter, save a tiny “hello, how’ve you been” from you. I have had many tough days, but I always knew someone was watching…somebody cared. You’ve helped my resolve.

You write, and I truly enjoy your words. Your family’s stories are familiar to me anymore. You write for you, not for money, and certainly not for anyone else, though you lift up stories so that others can see more clearly through your eyes.  Your writing requires great courage.  I get scared that I’ll say something wrong when I write, reading your blog helps with that. If I hadn’t seen you do it with my own eyes, I’m not sure I’d be writing at all.

There’s truth in that we’re all ultimately in this for ourselves, even through altruistic behavior, “self” has a way of rising to the top and making itself known. Perhaps you know this, and you counter with sincerity to bring out the best in others. Your support has helped me stay focused. I look more closely now for those who might need my help. “Hey, I’m listening” has gotten me from one day to the next a time or two.

The hats on all of my avatars are off to you. You have been most social and engaging. You have given without asking anything in return. You are a great listener, and you are both honest, and transparent. You are a part of this social business that I do, and people like you make the working environment a much better place.

I’m not going to call you out. You know who you are. This is for you, and all those like you.

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