Digital marketing wasn’t always so complicated. Simply having a website used to be considered enough…and if you ever hired someone to optimize (SEO) your website AND you were actually involved with social media at all, well then you were WAY ahead of the curve!

Not so much these days, as I’m sure you are aware. “Digital Marketing” is now a much more comprehensive and all-encompassing discipline and it requires that a very intentional strategy be implemented. Your strategy will also need to be well thought out and nimble enough so that you can modify specific components and add tactics and channels quickly and at will.

I love the infographic below from Kaisersosa (check out his site design!) for several different reasons. For one, the road-map it depicts is far from an easy or straight liner path. It is wrought with curves and tangles. I think that this is an accurate an honest depiction of how it looks and feels to work a digital marketing strategy today. Secondly, the graphic doesn’t leave out much of what a typical business might make use of  in the way of tactics and well known digital marketing best practices. Even if not all are right for your business, the graphic forces us to at least focus on the possibilities. Lastly, I love that the example road-map can be applied to businesses of any size, from small mom-and-pop establishments all the way up to enterprise level organizations.

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Enjoy and share the infographic. I hope that it provides some clarity for those of you who have already started on your journey and for those of you just now arriving at the on-ramp.

Some of the more interesting statistics:

  • 89% of marketers said email is their primary channel for lead generation
  • Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages, and 97% more inbound links
  • 82% of consumers say that Facebook is a good place to interact with brands
  • 98% of texts sent are opened, and more than 90% of mobile users open a text within 15 minutes of receipt

Click on the image to view the full size Infographic.

Digital Marketing Road-Map Infographic



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