I first heard about Tal.ki yesterday on ReadWriteWeb when they highlighted this nifty new way to embed a forum into any site in seconds. It sounded too good to be true so I had to go and check it out…it’s true.

It’s really just as simple as going to the Tal.ki site and clicking the “Get your embeddable forum” button. No sign up, no registration, no hassle. Then simply select the free option (there are paid options with more features and functionality) and a code pops up to copy and paste wherever you’d like. I’m using the free version below.

I can see this being a great solution to site owners who want to take a more pro-active role on the social web but are not committed to becoming bloggers. Maybe you just want to dip your toe in to see what having all this “conversation” is really about. Perhaps starting slowly at building your own community around something may sound good to you. Making a site more “sticky” by engaging visitors and being a conversationalist just makes good sense, however you may accomplish it! For whatever reason that you might want a forum, Tal.ki sure does make light work of it.

I like to try things out pretty extensively before I bring them up here…I had this thing totally figured out in ten minutes. There is a WordPress plugin and I did try it out as well. Installing and using the plugin is super-simple. I didn’t like it personally because as a plugin, it adds a new page here on the blog. I can see this as being a good thing for some though, to have a dedicated forum page and a tab for it up top.

The rest of the trial is right down there, and to see the other cool features and functionality in action you’ll have to play along and join me in the NowEasyToForumGet  forum! I show off a little and bring up a few good points and concerns there. Post a reply or a new topic, let’s see how this thing performs! Please share this post today with your connections that might find it useful. (FYI – I will be locking the embedded forum down after today)

*Note: Tal.ki allows you to sign in with Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc. You only see the “Sign in with Twitter” button below because you can only chose one default to show…click it and a new window opens allowing you to select your preference.

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