If it wasn’t for the internet I wouldn’t be making a living right now. For all that I fully understand, I admit that there are many things that escape me. This “being in the cloud” term is one of them. I only have a basic understanding of how it is that all of this works.

The state of the internet is very important to me…so I’m always watching out for videos, podcasts, and blog posts…anything that will help to further my understanding. The video below from Jess3 goes a long way towards explaining this “cloud” in a fun and simple fashion. I hope you gain some enlightenment in the viewing!

“While the average person may not be able to clearly define cloud computing, this video helps everyday folks understand that they are actually in the cloud” – jess3

Thanks to Simon Owens from Bloggasm for sending me an email and making me aware of this new video!

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