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Feed: The Razorfish Digital Brand Experience Report / 2009

Yesterday, and quite by “happy accident”, I stumbled into Brandon Sutton’s blog. He’d written an article in reaction to FEED, which is the annual report from Razorfish charting how technology is changing the way consumers engage with brands. I’m giving this space to Razorfish and to the FEED report today. I’m doing this, because this is a report that should make it easy for all of us.

I read thousands of pages of content every month…I do this because I’m searching for information. I imagine that you, as a business that’s trying to get a better handle on social media, behave in much the same way. Today we can both relax a little, possibly tomorrow as well. Flipping through the FEED report should more than suffice.

This report deserves more than a perfunctory scan. The report delivers a refreshing simplicity in plain language. From the report, for example: “Based on our findings, we are even more convinced that digital brand experiences matter. Engagement creates customers—not just through social media, but across the entire digital channel. And, more importantly, it drives returns to the bottom line.” …you see? Nothing missing there! I think that I may actually feel improved as a consumer having read the FEED report.

The report gives us an in-depth look into the behavior and concerns of “connected consumers”. It tells us exactly where to meet our audience and how to act when we arrive. It’s much more than an analysis, and to me, it reads more like a definitive “how to” guide for marketers doing business on the social web.

I spend a great deal of time helping businesses to better understand the dynamics of social media. The sheer overload of information and the lack of a standardized explanation about important concerns, like ROI, can make this quite difficult. The social web also plays an important role in my own business. From either vantage point, this report goes a long way towards simplifying my life.

What are your thoughts and reactions after reading the FEED report?

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