When I initially launched this blog, I included a pretty extensive blogroll…a great list of resources and other blogs that provide valuable information about social media to small businesses. I still believe this is good to do, but I’ve restructured this list completely.

No longer called “blogroll”, my “I can’t get by without “my people”, look into these:” list is much more practical. I know more about my readership now than I did on day 1, and my goal is to provide relevant and valuable resources specifically for you.

Most of the traffic to this blog comes from the top half of Georgia (I love it when a plan comes together!), and my motivation for changing the blogroll is two-fold. First, I want to provide information and resources that the readership can relate to and access further if needed. Second, I have a real desire to support my local colleagues and peers, lending them this space and some traffic is the least that I can do.

For the most part, I know the people on this list personally. I feel very comfortable recommending these; I am happy to vouch for their talent, skills, and their motivation for writing. Many have also been strong supporters of my efforts here on NotEasyToForget.com and beyond.

The list is not done, and I will be adding to it as time goes on. If you feel that you, or someone you know belongs on this list, please drop me a line.

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