A wonderful new infographic from the incredible folks at Flowtown.com came out on Friday. I’m especially excited about this one because the topic, “Women In Social Media”, and the data contained in the infographic itself are very near-and-dear to me personally. Women have always been at the heart of my own marketing strategy because I choose to cater to them… whether based on demographic fact or by hunch. It is also a fact that I owe much of what I’ve learned about social media marketing to the influence and tutelage of some very skilled ladies from within this industry.

More to say after, but first check out the infographic! Click The Image To View Full Size.


The quoted sources for the data in the Flowtown infographic are Quantcast.com and SmallBizTrends.com, (check this post) both are sites that I frequent. I highly recommend that you connect with and follow along with the expert writers and editorial staff at SmallBizTrends. As for Quantcast, run over and set up a free account, “quantify” your own site, and begin to find out exactly who it is that you are(or should be) talking to!

Two more important resources for today:

 From a marketing (traditional as well as digital) perspective, I have always attributed much of my success to the fact that I have a healthy respect and understanding of demographics. I said it above and it’s true, I tend to move forward with an acceptance that my target audience is made up of more women than men. Social media marketing isn’t any different for me; in fact the raw numbers support this attitude quite clearly. The infographic above speaks volumes about how many women are out there and how they are involved in social media! I can only suggest that you also do whatever it takes to find out as much about your actual audience as is possible.

Short true story: Once upon a campaign, and after discovering that the names on the credit card payments were predominantly women…buying a product that was specifically marketed to men (out of work and/or men looking to launch a new career direction), I changed the product’s background color to a pale pink and had a near 30% increase in sales. “Joe” sat at home and did his research online; when his wife/girlfriend got home he likely presented her with a few sites selling a similar product. I appealed to her because the final purchase decision was hers…based on what she liked when she looked at the sites. Marketing isn’t like rocket science all the time!

Just a few of the marketing and social media ladies that I refuse to do without:

So how about it, are your forward facing (social media) marketing efforts considerate of/ tailored for the actual percentages of men vs. women in the marketplace? Of all those within your community who you would consider influential…how many are women? I’d love to hear your input and any related stories that you may have that are related to the topic today, please do give me your take in the comment section.

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