This internet radio interview for The Better You Project aired yesterday. This is perhaps the most attention that anyone has ever paid to me in my professional career where the motives were completely altruistic. I can honestly say that it was a huge honor to have been chosen to speak about my story to their audience. I walked away feeling like I had helped to create something that could truly help to inspire and encourage others.

The main focus of The Better You Project is to tell the story behind entrepreneurs who have stepped away from the ordinary in order to follow their passions. The hosts, Eric Holtzclaw and Susan McMullen were an absolute pleasure to work with during the taping. They have carefully structured the time and questions to get the most out of the interviewee. Each interview on The Better You Project leaves the listener with some very candid and practical advice for those just stepping out or who may be considering taking a leap into the world of entrepreneurship.

Like the title says…this thing is an hour long. I hope that you can set aside enough time to listen to it in its entirety. I’ll certainly understand if you have to come back later. I’ve never been less than candid with my clients and my colleagues…and this interview is no exception. No holds barred, no punches pulled…I just tell it like it is. I hope that you find something in the listening that you can take away with you to help you on your own journey!

*No offense to my gracious hosts…but you’ll need to scroll ahead to the 9:55 mark to get to the “me” part!

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