For the past four years, BlogHer has conducted research to provide very informative studies on women and social media. If you care anything at all about either (my hand is raised!), you owe yourself an in-depth look into this year’s  2011 Social Media Matters Study from BlogHer and The Nielsen Company. The study was also co-sponsored again this year by Ketchum. I’ve embedded the executive summary in this neatly put together Slideshare presentation below.

You may want to click “menu” at the bottom left of the presentation, and then “View Fullscreen” for maximum visibility.

A most-excellent breakdown of the data from the study by the author, Jane K. Collins

“Over the last four years we have measured and reported the growing trust women have in the bloggers they read, and how that translates directly into influence and purchasing decisions…In 2011, we can see that this trust has paid off, as readers report that high satisfaction with the results of such purchases regularly send them back to blogs and social media to seek out recommendations by bloggers they trust.” – Elisa Camahort Page – BlogHer Co-founder and COO from the Press Release

Speaking of Elisa Camahort Page, check out the video below to hear more from her about BlogHer and women getting involved in blogging:

If data and trends are important to you and your work, having a look at all four BlogHer studies might also provide you with some very useful insight as well.

Thanks for stopping by today. If any of the information above has had an impact on you, especially if it has changed your mind about how you and/or your company are marketing to women…please do leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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