In a meeting last night with a local company who are embracing social media, I heard myself say something as we parted, it’s a familiar phrase for me “I’ll be sending you some information, some helpful links, and a big chunk of my favorites folder. This may help…..etc.” I do realize that too much information is a culprit to the endless learning curve that some become trapped in. This says nothing of the endless tools, applications, and best practices that we are bombarded with as we begin each day. I’ve written a little about this already. Still, we all must continue to learn as we walk this out each day. New and relevant information that is generated helps us to set and define our goals and ambitions.

So, what to do? We can’t stop now, can we? Today I wanted to share a place where I’ve been finding excellent resources for myself, and to share. The information I find is relevant, current, easy to share and digest, and it travels well. Meet Slideshare:slideshareSlideshare presentations embed easily across many places that I frequent. I can use it here on my blog, in my LinkedIn profile, and so on. I encourage you to check in often. New presentations are always being uploaded, and a simple search reveals much! The presentation below is my favorite from my search at Slideshare this morning, enjoy! Head over after you leave here and search “social media”, I think you’ll see what I mean.

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Where do you get your information each day? What are some of the resources that you use to “stay in the know”?

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