This great infographic was put together by Dan Martell and the super-smart people over at Flowtown, and it really got me thinking this morning; “Online identity reputation management specialist”…how’s that for a job title? The fact is, that if you are concerned about your online identity and what the rest of the world sees when they perform a search for you or your company’s name, you might need to make friends with the title. The infographic was built using the data in a report by Pew Internet released on Wednesday.

“More than half (57%) of adult internet users say they have used a search engine to look up their name and see what information was available about them online, up from 47% who did so in 2006. Young adults, far from being indifferent about their digital footprints, are the most active online reputation managers in several dimensions. For example, more than two-thirds (71%) of social networking users ages 18-29 have changed the privacy settings on their profile to limit what they share with others online.” – Pew Internet’s Reputation Management and Social Media Report  < Click to view/download the entire report!

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This topic hits close to home with me personally. Being mindful of my own online reputation has always been a top priority for me. My personal brand has not been all that difficult to monitor and manage, and this due to the fact that I set out to build it in its entirety from scratch.

In my new role as the digital marketing director for a much larger entity, this task has taken on a new shape and meaning. Just yesterday in the board room, when I Googled our company name, I was amused by the reactions from some in the room caught completely unaware of how and what shows up.

So what about it, social media workers and business owners, are you checking up on yourself? What about your competitors? Will you be surprised…can you afford to be?

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