Many years ago in one of my early business ventures I had an epiphany, “we are all marketing to women…and that’s that.” This lesson impacted me and it has shaped much of my marketing career since then. I’ve preached it to whoever would listen because I believe it.

About a week ago I posted a very cool Infographic from to my Pinterest board. The title was “Why Women Are The Real Power Behind Social Media” and it contained some very eye-opening data. Yesterday I read an article on that contained yet another awesome Infographic from the folks at FinancesOnline. I can only assume that this new infographic is a follow-up to the first, in an effort to keep the conversation going.

The data in these Infographics comes from some of the most reputable sources around. When the Internet Project, Pew Research Center and The Social Media Report from Nielsen are quoted, one should feel compelled to take notice. I feel like my own instincts have always been accurate in these matters, but it does feel good to have sound data to support an educated hunch. What do you think marketers, were you aware that the gender gap was so prevalent in today’s biggest disruptive convergence?

I hope the information here today provides some actionable insight and guidance for you. Enjoy, and please share it among your peers and colleagues!

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