Vuvuzela, say it with me:  Vu-Vu-Zela…not as hard as I imagined when I first saw it spelled out. Please don’t leave; there really is an important social media lesson here – anything can happen with social media…100+ re-tweets in 5 hours!? More lesson after the fun stuff. ~Scroll with me~

From Geek And Poke comes the toon for today, so obviously jumping on the same bandwagon; thereby making my shame more tolerable:

Seriously, thanks to social media for the education and value it brings. Admit it, until VERY recently, and only with the World Cup trending EVERYWHERE did you have the slightest clue what a Vuvuzela was?  These things have been around since Don’t Fear the Reaper was a hit…and now, all of a sudden everybody needs one?

I’ve been around longer than the aforementioned rock anthem, and social media has done much the same for me. It’s why we’re having this little talk today about a silly horn, why I’m working in my favorite niche, why I have the friends and clients that I do…and the list goes on-and-on. Thank you social media, thank you Vuvuzela, it’s already too late…I’ll never look at either of you the same from here on out.

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