You’ll have to be patient with me on this one…this is just a test. I just spent $2.99 and I couldn’t wait to try it out. Truth be told – I bought the app just to get the awesome typewriter icon! Seriously though, the ability to sit here on the couch and post straight to my blog from my iPad, yeah, I’m in!

The good news is that if you are seeing this, it works. I haven’t any bad news at this point, save the fact that I wish I could tell you more about the app. This is my very first attempt.

I can say that it’s as easy as they claim to drag-and- drop images, videos, and more. I was able to easily drag the logo and text image over and place them where I wanted. I did the same with a few videos so that you can investigate a little deeper for yourself. Please do click through to learn more about the Blogsy app.

“If what you are looking at doesn’t resemble a train-wreck…color me well pleased with this investment!”

I need to tell you that this post has taken quite a bit longer than it would have sitting at my desk logged-in to my WordPress dashboard. I’ll keep working with it for a while before I make any final judgment. For now, I’m just tickled that there’s an app for this! I may actually get to go to the beach on vacation this year and leave my laptop at home.

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