This side up“You need to be thinking outside the box.” We hear that a lot, don’t we? This statement is not exactly something I can get behind 100%. I’m all for pushing the envelope, getting past boundaries that don’t make sense, and being original. I’ve been known to champion creativity and boldness, but I don’t feel like re-inventing the wheel is a prerequisite for success. More and more, businesses are getting involved with social media as a way to think outside the box, and rightly so. Think too far though, and you risk getting lost. You may even forget why there was ever a need to push boundaries in the first place.

Statistics seem to support the idea that social media has facilitated a whole new breed of internet addicts. I can’t say for certain, but I can’t shake the thought that many who fall into a bad state with social media started out with great intentions. I’m sure that there were goals, well laid plans even, that were aimed at growing a business.

In my mind, some see social media as the cure for much that may be ailing their business. I believe that some with this viewpoint get so involved with social media itself, that the original intent wanders off. Now, we have a phenomenal social media hero with a broken business. FAIL. Where’d the box go, what’s left to think outside of?  

Social media is only one side of the box; the other 5 sides of my own box represent hundreds of other important day-to-day aspects and concerns. Social media itself IS thinking outside the box for me. It’s one way that I’m doing something different to grow my business.

Stopping periodically to look at the time and efforts we put into our social media spending is a good idea. Are we getting off base? Can we afford to put this much time into it? Have we gotten off track at all? These are all important to consider, and the box we think outside of should itself be remembered and cared for. The box is still important; it’s all we brought to the party in the first place.

What helps you to mind the store while thinking outside the box?

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