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This is certainly a topic that extends beyond those seeking a social media related position. The fact of the matter is that as businesses move to adopt and integrate social media into their marketing and communication practices, social media savvy and skills among employees matter more and more each day.

I feel that it’s important that a resume reflect your experience and participation across these channels. The workplace has become more social and interactive, so should the one critical piece of you career building arsenal – your resume.

So how impressive is your resume really? If it weren’t already hard enough to stand out from the crowd, in today’s market, the competition has become more creative and the available positions are not as plentiful as they once were. I bring good tidings weary job hunter! Meet DoYouBuzz, the incredibly simple site/service that can bring you from blah to brilliant in mere minutes, and it’s FREE! (though you can pay to have more customization and analytics added)

The quick video makes it look so easy; the good news is that it’s true:

I’ve always been interested in what people are doing to separate themselves from the pack using creative resumes. The drawback to this approach is that it’s somewhat limited by one’s own design ability. I’m thrilled to find DoYouBuzz. The interface is intuitive and extremely user-friendly, and the end result is pretty impressive. Having your resume interactive and online will prove valuable for many. Linking out to your social channels and highlighting your presentations, videos, portfolio, & documents seems very useful as well.

My favorite features:

  • Imports from LinkedIn. With one click you’ve already almost finished. (Please tell me you are on LinkedIn?)
  • Synchronizes with Facebook. A few clicks and you have a spiffy resume tab on your Facebook profile…it’s all about the networking, right?
  • Drag-and-Drop everything. On top of easy customization options, you decide what goes where.
  • Easily import from the places you may already have content on, Slideshare, YouTube, Flickr, etc.

I tried it and loved it, and so I wanted to pass this onto you today. Don’t take my word for it; check out some DoYouBuzz resumes for yourself HERE. Then take a few minutes and set yourself up, I hope for the both of us that you wind up happy that you did! Come back after you do and share your experience with us in the comments, we’d love to hear your take on DoYouBuzz.

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