Here on my blog I make use of videos and presentations in my posts. I also use them frequently when I’m out talking to people about social media and small business. I am ever-searching for great new videos and presentations because I believe that they add value and depth to my posts and conversations.

There are literally thousands of social media videos and presentations available. Many offer little or no real value, while others are brilliant for the visual impact and information that they deliver. Highlighted here today for your viewing pleasure are some of the best and brightest in the industry.


View more documents from Awareness Inc..

View more presentations from Jay Deragon.

The Essential Guide to Social Media

View more documents from Razorfish.

Engaging Conversations – Episode One – Social Media and You from Where To Get Engaged on Vimeo. *Click the “Where To Get Engaged” link to watch the rest of the series. I found them incredibly informative!

View more documents from seth goldstein.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the eye-candy. I’d love to hear your thoughts about the compilation. Comments are always welcomed here. Feel free to point out any of you own personal favorites as well.

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