I don’t typically post these types of Infographics because most are flawed (in my opinion) in one way or another. I usually find one or more parts or pieces of information that just doesn’t sit right with what I’ve learned from years of practical application. This one from My Clever Agency is an exception. This is the 4th iteration of the same Infographic and it really is pretty awesome.

I want to highlight one bit of info contained in the graphic to make a very important point:

“Use simple imagery that will be easily seen on mobile devices as 80-85% of your fans will see posts on their phone.” ~ From the Facebook segment

My point is simply this: Know that whatever you do on social channels is in fact a part of your mobile strategy…even if you don’t think about it in this light. Bridget Randolph touches on this in her blog post that I referred to in Tuesday’s blog post. Think about it; if we’re all using our devices more than our home/office computers to find and consume information, doesn’t it stand to reason that every piece of content that we create should be crafted with mobile in mind? Enjoy the infographic. Feel free to share it among your friends and peers!


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