I’m happy that you are moving forward with a Facebook page for your business. I am pleased that you realize the potential for a small business in a smaller town like yours to have an engaged Facebook presence. I’m glad we had the discussion when we did.

There are two really great things that I always forget to mention when I talk about business pages on Facebook. Let me show you here now, so you can go ahead and make use of these. One is the picture, or “avatar” on your page. Not everyone knows it, but you can upload a 200pixel X 600pixel image there! This is plenty big enough to add some valuable information for your new fans. Don’t settle for a little square head-shot, or a tiny picture of your storefront!  Two of my own are shown in the picture above for example. Mari Smith (one of my Facebook heroes!) has an excellent example of this type of picture. She also has much to say about businesses using Facebook.

You’ll need to use a program like Photoshop to design a great picture to fit these dimensions. If you can’t do this yourself, ask around, it’s not a big project, and lots of people are great with Photoshop. The only tricky part of this is after you upload the picture. You’ll be asked to select a portion of the larger picture to use as your thumbnail image. This will show up beside everywhere that you write anything on Facebook. Consider this when designing the large picture; a small section will need to stand alone for this thumbnail.

The next thing that you can do to set yourself apart is to create a custom welcome, or “landing” page. Facebook does have an application for this, albeit little known. You may have seen these on some of the “Big Business” pages. I always assumed that they were an exclusive or costly application only available to “special” businesses. Not true, anyone can have one! To design a great welcome page, you’ll need to know how to “program” this page using HTML. (Here’s a video tutorial about welcome pages on Facebook)Some Photoshop skill will be useful here as well.  Again, if you don’t know how to do this (HTML and/or Photoshop), there are lots of people you can seek out that know their way around. This is not a huge or complicated project either, and I wouldn’t expect this to be very costly. If your Facebook page will be an important part of your social media strategy, a small investment may be in order here.

Both of these additions to your Facebook page can set you apart and give you an edge as people come to your page for the first time. Having great imagery alone won’t make a Facebook page successful, but having a unique, professional, and inviting page does say something about you! First impressions can matter quite a bit in a high traffic and competitive environment like Facebook.

Have you seen some incredible Facebook pages? Do you have something to add, another way to set yourself apart on Facebook perhaps? Please point them out in the comments!

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