The “Punk Rock Champagne Holiday Social Tweetup” is tonight in Atlanta, and I’m going to be there! You’ve heard me sing praises about tweetups, today I’m doing it again, but this time it’s to the tune of a Dropkick Murphys song.


Punk2I can’t stress enough how important REAL and HUMAN contact is to social networking. Twitter certainly plays an important part in an event like a tweetup, but I assure you that the real and human contact later this evening is where value will be found.Punk1

Tweetups, and events like Chamber of Commerce luncheons and classes are not so much geared toward interaction with consumers. Because of this fact, some may shrug them off as unimportant to their business. Let’s think about that, this is social media, right? Our message reaches the largest audience when we have others that help us spread the word in this social space, I think that everyone can accept this. How do we improve our standing, more followers? How about a better connection with the ones we already have? Bingo!

Punk3I have tons of friends and followers on Twitter and elsewhere. I have no real idea which of these I might count on if I needed them for something. Those that I’ve actually had some real contact with, and had some deeper level of communication with beyond the barriers of a mere tweet…these are folks that I tend to go to and rely on for help and advice.

I’ve pictured just some of the people here that will be in attendance at tonight’s tweetup. Some I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before, others I will meet tonight for the very first time. Connections will be made and solidified. These are the PEOPLE that help me carry my message. These might actually read a blog post if I asked them to. These might actually lend support to my mission and goals.  I hope you see my point. How could this not be important to me and to my business?

Punk4If you’re in the Atlanta area and want to try it out, tonight might be a good night to break into it! Don’t worry about anything. What could go wrong in a room full of tweeters slam-dancing to the Ramones?

*UPDATE: A very good time was had by all!

































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