The following infographics from Kissmetrics certainly do reveal much. They go a long way toward answering the second most common question that small businesses ask me on a regular basis – “What’s the best time to launch blog posts, tweets, & Facebook status updates?” (the first is a pretty fair tie between “Can you explain what kind of results I can expect?”(ROI) and “What if they say something bad about me?”)

The data in the following HUGE and informative infographics comes to us from Dan Zarrella. About Dan I could say much, suffice it to say that I respect his research. Check his bio if you want to read more accolades about Dan Zarrella.

**Please Click On Each Infographic To View In Its Original Hugeness**

Facebook & Twitter Timing

Wondering which time zone contains the majority of the population in the U.S.A? How about the best times and days to launch those daring 140 character kites and Facebook status updates? This first infographic is for you:

Best time to post on twitter and facebook infographic

Email Timing

Can’t get over it, can’t get around it, can’t tunnel under it…better not ignore it. Email – I read mine, how bout’ you? Yeah, that’s what I thought. 🙂 This datagraphic is all you:

Best time to send out email blasts infographic

Best Time To Launch Blog Posts

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that the majority of my time spent creating content is dedicated to blogging. It’s where I put the lion’s share of my passion, research, and effort. This alone makes my blog posts very valuable to me. I certainly hope this translates through to my readership as well. In any event, I definitely don’t want to launch a blog post only to watch it fall to obscurity. Let’s compare our best practices to this data:

Best time to launch blog posts infographic

I hope you found something here today to help you better optimize your efforts. Whether the data supports what you’re already doing or you found some brand new insight today, I’m glad you came by. Share this around, it’s great insight for anyone! If you have anything to add about timing today, please do share it with us. The comment section is yours.

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