I encounter the most apprehension and resistance when talking about the content creating aspect of social media. Businesses are taking a more pro-active role in their own marketing efforts like never before. Understanding the necessity, and faced with the need to create content for social media campaigns, some step up and are very successful. Many more are left in the cold out of sheer stubbornness.

 “Stop Confusing Media with Marketing.

Media is something you make.  Marketing is something you do.

Media is communication.  Marketing is sales.

You can create media, and you can market the media you create.  You can even create media in order to market the products and services featured in that media.” – Justin Kownacki

I want to introduce you to one of my own social media heroes. Using this medium, he has changed my outlook on something that I never imagined could have been so much fun to talk about, he sells insurance. He doesn’t have a million fans and followers, but he’s making waves and changing minds. I bring him up today because it’s through his content that’s getting it done.

Meet Chris Jordan, owner of Atlanta Insurance Live. Take just a few minutes and dig through his site to see the energy and creativity that Chris puts into the content that he creates. It’s not hard to see how conversations get started around what he does. You can take a look at his Facebook page to see how it’s working. Below are just a few of my personal favorites that I wanted to share with you today:

What do you create? If your intent is to be social with your media, then where’s your media? If there were enough filters to apply in order to mute the noise across the social channels, would you and your business make the cut? 

Social media presents an interesting opportunity that forces many of us to step outside of our comfort zones. Personally, I realize that it would be in my best interest to put out some video from time to time. This is NOT within the boundaries of what I’d call comfortable, but if it’s what’s best for my business, then so be it. I may not take it to the bathtub, but I’ll find a way! What are some of the ways that you are working outside of your “safe” zones?

Disclosure: Chris Jordan has no idea that I’m writing this, but he will be buying my coffee the next time we meet. Justin will likely stop by and speak for himself, he’s attentive like that.

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