Is social media a fad? This is the question that Erik Qualman set out to answer almost two years ago with his groundbreaking first video, Social Media Revolution. Skillfully put together and jam-packed with statistics that boggle the mind, the first video still moves me every time that I watch it. Erik has tirelessly revised his video work to keep up to date with current social media trends and the numbers behind them.

The first video, Social Media Revolution has been viewed 2,820,537 times. The 2nd version, Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh) has been viewed 1,590,150 times.  Now Erik Qualman’s newest video, Social Media Revolution 2011 is here to be pondered. Already the video has been viewed 64,374 times…this in just 6 days.

Please do share this video around to any who may be late to the game or those who might still be riding the fence. The inspiration and excitement conveyed in the video truly is contagious. “Share worthy” and “must see” are terms that barely do the video justice. Leave me a comment today with your thoughts about the video, and enjoy!

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