Instagram for Small Business in 2018 – Infographic Guide

I got an email alert from Small Business Trends this morning and it was very timely for me. Now, more than ever, Instagram has become a tremendously valuable tool for small businesses. I manage Instagram for most of my clients and I utilize Instagram for myself. You...

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So You Want To Rank On Google…Page One You Say?

I wanted to share this infographic with you today that I found on the CJG Digital Marketing blog. I still say, that even after all of this time, and with all that has advanced in technology and the smartest search engine algorithms ever...that you MUST create content...

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An Informative Digital Marketing Road-Map Infographic

Digital marketing wasn't always so complicated. Simply having a website used to be considered enough...and if you ever hired someone to optimize (SEO) your website AND you were actually involved with social media at all, well then you were WAY ahead of the curve! Not...

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How To Market To Millennials – Who Are Generation Y ?

Do you know exactly who makes up your target market? What demographic does your product or service appeal to the most? Have you ever really considered whether or not you yourself are a part of that same audience and demographic? I ask because it is supremely important...

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